I’ve been so excited for today. The AWE Living in Love program is a vision I’ve been seeing in my mind and heart for a very long time. The more I stay connected with women (especially when I feel vulnerable and scared to reach out), the deep

er my friendships get, the more intimate and fulfilling my relationship with my husband gets and the more I feel free, alive and comfortable in my own skin. And I want that for all of you, and all women!

And to tell you the truth, in this moment I feel nervous and exhausted! I’ve been working non-stop, with a whole team of people, to get our website and online forum up today. When I woke up this morning and our new website wasn’t yet live I felt my heart sink. In that moment I felt like I’d failed.

But it’s not true! For one thing, my worth is not based on what I accomplish. And so this didn’t go perfectly. What ever does? That does not mean I’ve failed!

I used to think there would be a day when I became the “perfect woman.” Well, that hasn’t happened yet either ;)

And I now see that the “perfect woman” doesn’t exist. Every woman I’ve ever met feels vulnerable, scared, angry and alone at times. And as time goes on I see that it is less and less about being “perfect” and more and more about being me – with everything I feel, think, want, resist, love….staying connected with others in the midst, rather than hiding or pulling away. That is where true intimacy happens.

I am committed to being vulnerable with you. And I want this to be a place where each of you is supported and loved when you are vulnerable!

I’m in Vancouver this weekend for a workshop that starts tomorrow. So I’m going to go out in the world and take a break for a few hours because I deserve it! (And so do you! We all work too hard these days!) When I work too hard I feel dull and dried up and that’s not how I want to be!

Here’s to living juicy, alive, inspired and deeply connected!

With love,


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3 Responses to The First Day of Our Forum – A Memoire in the History of AWE

  1. Your header is weird appearing in Safari, pal.

  2. Bless you for breaking this down for the remainder of us all. We’d like a greater portion of this! Cheers.

  3. Rudy Hingst says:

    Wherever did you aquire that design?? It really is remarkable!


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