Alexis & I often talk about the benefits of spending time with women – which is one of the most important parts of creating a life in which you feel supported, understood, nourished and bright. It is also one of the key foundations to having a su

ccessful relationship!

Spending time with women can also make meeting a great man easier and more fun.

But our girlfriends aren’t always around on lunch breaks, during morning commutes, or running to the grocery store. And you never know where the right man for you will show up.

The key to having the man you want notice you, and feel like he can’t stop himself from approaching you, is to be available for connection in any moment (no matter what mood you’re in).

If you’re feeling sad about not being in a relationship, you can either get hard (which pushes men away) or you can be vulnerable and inviting.

Here’s something to try: Practice having your attention on your longing, your desire for love, rather than your resignation or fear about not having it.

I met my husband while I was sitting alone at a cafe, reading a book!

Let us know how it goes. Leave us a comment as you try this out.

With love & pleasure,

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9 Responses to The Path to Not Being Alone…

  1. Alisa says:

    Wow. This was inspiring, uplifting, touching, and simply beautiful. It brought happy tears to my eyes and made me smile :). Loved it. (PS. Shana, your erotic poem is fab!)

  2. WOW, really amazing. Everyone needs this.

  3. Inés Kallab says:

    So beautiful. So simple. I am really touched. Thank you very much for this beautiful video.
    Receive my soul hug from Vienna!!!

  4. Rosie Hirst says:

    How lovely this is, Tanya has tapped into true authenticity and valuing ourselves for who we are. Thankyou for bringing this to us, v inspiring and loving.

  5. Lisa says:

    This was just what I needed to hear today. I am grateful you put it out there.

  6. Beth says:


    Thanks for this and for confirming what I sometimes feel “so alone” with….that being alone is ok, is real and does exist, and reminding me that if you do what you love (either alone or with someone) you are doing what you love, and thereby, loving yourself. WHich is great. And if you love yourself, it will spread to others who will want what you have, LOVE! (at least I hope so as I am ready now to share with someone and not ALWAYS be alone…I do alone really well, and again, seeing this video was confirming!)

  7. Lori says:

    What a beautiful affirmation of our beauty and the richness of solitude. :)

  8. Lori says:

    And what a talent Tanya Davis has!

  9. caren says:

    thanks for this lovely video poem art by Tanya Davis and her friends. i love how she expresses the simple beauty of who she is without pretense. I have spent most of my life alone, even among friends and family and have learned to embrace this fact. I love spending time with myself but lately I’ve been experiencing deeper bouts of alone-ness and longing for connection. My life’s work is about families, relationships and connection, and still this deep heartache about not being able to see beyond the veils of separation keeps gnawing at me, trying to get me to listen. I think the alone feeling is attempting to penetrate me and find its way into the heart of my love.


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