It's now 9 weeks into the life of our new son, Ari Thomas James. I've never been through anything so all-encompassing, so awe inspiring, so painful, beautiful & challenging. 

Here we are together:

I often wonder why mother nature hasn't made conceiving, birthing and nursing easier. The survival of our species depend on these acts! 

But maybe it is to teach us courage. Or to help us keep our hearts open, even in the face of unattained desires. I don't know. The birth didn't go as we planned but we now have a perfect little person, even as he overflows with poop and spit up! 
And it really reminds me that this never changes – the perfect part! We just think it does. The truth is there is nothing wrong with you. Or me! We get these crazy ideas in our minds, but they're just not true.
So next time you feel that tugging self-consciousness, or you wonder if you're good enough, or you feel embarrassed, I hope you can take a deep breath, into the place within, where you simply are perfect. Consider that there is nothing wrong with what you feel, think or do! Enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with that!
I feel excited to ease back into AWE this year and see what inspiration calls forth. I have decided that I will not push or force anything this year. I have many ideas, including:
  1. Leading our Irresistible Woman tele-seminar series
  2. Creating a program where you get to see into minds and hearts of men
  3. great man feast –  where you discover where great men are and learn what calls them out of their hiding places!
And I'd love to know what you want. What do you struggle with? 
Do you wonder how to know if a man is a match for you? Or how to attract high caliber men? How to feel great about yourself and know you're a catch? How to make dating and relationship more fun than work? How to keep your heart open even when you've been hurt? How to set boundaries so you can feel respected and cared for? Understanding men?
Is it more about creating relationships with women that aren't competitive? Telling the truth when you're hurt or disappointed? Know what you want, beyond what others expect of you? Creating spark and ongoing passion? 
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Happy New Year!
With love, 
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5 Responses to Introducing the Newest (& Smallest) AWE Man

  1. Anne says:

    Wow!  Beautiful pic!  Love it and love you.  I am so excited for you!
    I want to learn to see myself as absolutely beautiful more and more. And to see the beauty of men more and more!  I's also like to soar over the eastern Oregon.  Wish Tim well.

  2. Shana says:

    Thanks Anne! Yes to seeing yourself as absolutely beautiful more and more. I love that.

    All right, most of you are sending your ideas and desires by email. I look forward to hearing what would make a difference in your life, what would have you feel more relaxed, empowered and in love with yourself!

    With love,

  3. joui says:

    Love the picture. Love the baby. Love you!

  4. Lori says:

    Congrautulations, Shana!  He's so beautiful!!!
    Lori McDaniel

  5. Lori says:

    Also, in thinking about what I'd love to have, struggle with, etc…I struggle with staying in my radiance and remaining comfortably in my body around great men.  It's like I have a muscle that gets really strong and capable when I'm practicing a lot…but then if I have a business project that requires long hours and I'm not out there "practicing"…I tend to be more in my head and insecure around great men.  It would be awesome to have some kind of "love gym" where I could go and keep those muscles in shape.  Not sure what that would look like, but it's definitely a need of mine and maybe for other women as well.


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