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Welcome to the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE). We’re Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D., & Shana James, M.A., the creatrices of AWE and your guides on this journey. We’re so glad you found us!

We believe every woman deserves a life filled with love, pleasure, inspiration, and meaningful connection. Yet we meet so many women who try to look beautiful when they feel terrible, pretend they’re okay when they’re not, play small, settle for relationships that lack respect, spark or truth, and generally feel not thin-powerful-important-worthy enough.

That’s why we created AWE. So you can heal your heart, feel comfortable in your own skin, be fueled by your feminine juju, become an irresistible invitation for love, be loved for who you are, and have a blast doing it!

We have tons of professional training and experience and we’ve been coaching women (and men) for over a decade, but what makes us even more qualified to help you is that we live it ourselves!


AlexisAboutWhat we learned transformed our lives… and it can transform yours.

Because we’ve gone through this ourselves — and led hundreds of women through this journey — we know it’s possible for YOU to feel radiant and powerful, have supportive friendships with women and a romantic relationship that lights up your mind, body, heart and soul. It’s possible to be fully, authentically yourself AND communicate in a way that creates more intimacy in your life. Its an art and a skill you can learn… and we’ll show you how.

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We are committed to supporting women on this journey AND to walking it fully ourselves… in business, fun, sisterhood, community, and love. We hope you join us!


With love and pleasure,



Professional Bios

 Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D., and Shana James, M.A., are the co-founders of the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE), a series of life-changing workshops, coaching and products for women.

Alexis and Shana have been coaching individuals, couples and groups for almost 15 years. Their coaching styles are informed by extensive training in communication, masculine & feminine dynamics, leadership, integral psychology, systems theory, meditation, nutrition, yoga, creativity, women’s circles and various spiritual traditions.
As dating and relationship experts, they’ve worked with men and women all over the United States and around the world — including the U.K., France, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Australia and Thailand. Therapists, psychologists, long-time coaches and Master NLP practitioners credit Alexis and Shana with helping them move through their own personal blocks to love and create the relationships they’ve always wanted.
They have been featured in: “Sex with Emily” (97.3 FM, San Francisco CA), “Just For Women: Dating, Relationships & Sex (Personal Life Media), Tripp Lanier’s “The New Man Podcast,” WISH (90,000 women strong International Summit for Women’s Health), Raw Attraction Magazine, Common Ground Magazine, Wellness With Rose Radio, Up Close & Personal with Bonnie Graham, Seven Steps to Lifelong Love, Decoding Him and Rori Raye’s Inner Circle.
Ultimately, they are inspired live what they teach and to call out the wild, beautiful feminine heart and the unique voice of true feminine leadership.
IMG_6510Alexis has a PhD in clinical transpersonal psychology, is a passionate workshop facilitator, and a spiritual practitioner. She has been training people in depth-coaching, Circling and leadership since 2005 and is one of the founders of The Circling Institute, offering workshops, coaching and advanced trainings for seekers, coaches, and transformational facilitators. You can find out more about her work at www.alexisshepperd.com
IMG_3763Shana has an M.A. in integral psychology. In addition to coaching women, she has been an ally and confidant to thousands of men who turn to her to understand how women think and what women want. Shana has appeared in panels alongside brilliant teachers such as SARK, Mama Gena, Cheri Huber and Mastin Kipp. She integrates the wisdom of creativity, yoga, meditation, tantra, travel, women’s circles and mothering to help people stay vital and inspired, especially in relationship. Shana lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her amazing son, Ari.

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