“I Am Now Engaged to an Incredible Man Who Loves Me”

“Before working with Shana and Alexis I was discouraged. The man I loved didn’t share my desire to be life partners. I was preoccupied with my future and felt that time and opportunities were scarce.Since then my dating experience changed radically. After a first date I checked my email a few hours after a guy dropped me off. He had already written me. He said he had an “amazing time” and wanted to see me again in a few days!! The energy within me on the date had everything to do with the love and sisterhood I feel with you and the support I get from you. I was oozing love, empathy, vitality, and femininity. I embodied my queen.I am now married to an incredible man who loves me. I am so grateful!”

~Natalie, San Francisco

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“I Learned How to Attract a Man Who Really ‘Gets Me’.
Now He’s My Husband!”

“Before coaching with Alexis and Shana I could have won the “San Francisco Singles most 3-5 month relationships” award. Dating had become another task to check off on my “to-do” list and it was no longer fun. I knew exactly what I was looking for and intellectually could explain what went well and what didn’t, but I was not getting what I wanted!Now I’m so grateful to be married to a man I’m not only really attracted to but who “gets me”! It’s amazing! After working with Shana I began to attract men I was really attracted to and could “be myself” around. I started letting men see the vulnerable side of me I had tucked away long ago. I couldn’t believe it, but the parts of me I had been hiding started drawing men to me!”

~Ellen, Maryland


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 “I Am Able to Go So Much Deeper Than Before, and Men are Meeting Me There”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you do and all you are Shana and Alexis! I’ve never felt stronger or more alive. It’s because of the work I’ve done with you and AWE that I am able to say and feel that. Being more intimate and vulnerable than in any of my past relationships is creating extraordinary experiences. I am letting go of having to be the ‘strong’ woman in relationship. I am able to go so much deeper than before, and men are meeting me there.The men I am dating since AWE are a whole new caliber! Men who are amazingly sweet and honest, full of integrity and want real intimacy. Men who don’t just ask ‘how are you doing?’, but ask ‘how are you feeling?’ and actually want to know the answer. I am sharing deeply with men, crying with men, taking naps in the sun. It is so awesome!”

~ Jamila, Oakland, CA

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I Got the Answers My Girlfriends & I Have Been Seeking For Years, In a Few Days”

“Before coaching with Shana and Alexis, I walked through life not showing emotions – especially sadness and need. I saw them as weakness.I now see them as a source of strength. I know myself better. I feel really great about myself. I feel more love for myself and I also have a stronger sense of my power and my ability to control my choices.I feel more confident relating with men. I got the answers my girlfriends and I have been seeking for years, in a few days! The lessons I learned are helping with all my relationships.”

~ Joy L, San Francisco, CA


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“After I started working with Shana and Alexis, my eyes opened to an entirely different way of being ATTRACTIVE.”

“What Shana and Alexis teach was nothing like I had learned before:attract men with makeup, dating games, teasing and designer clothing. But my life was a pretty obvious sign that these tactics didn’t work. Not only was I single, I was CONFUSED about how to be myself and attract the right man….the kind of man that made me excited about life. The kind of man that saw my beauty on all levels.After I started working with Shana and Alexis, my eyes opened to an entirely different way of being ATTRACTIVE. I saw some major blocks that were keeping me from satisfaction in love.Now I’m experiencing the power of being MAGNETIC to amazing men. And I’m more excited and empowered about my sexiness than ever before!”

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“I Have a New Way of Showing Up FULLY In the World…Sexy, Loving, Flirty, In My Body…A Deeply Flowing Feminine Energy.”

“I’m a 37 year old woman who has struggled with too much masculine energy all my life. I was “bred” to achieve, take charge, provide and fight against discrimination. No one taught me how to cultivate feminine energy. And I was repelling men!After working with Shana & Alexis I feel amazing! When I walk down a city street and turn on my feminine energy, men smile and pay attention to me! On a recent date, I felt sexy and self-expressed all night. We both shared what we were nervous about and had deep conversation from the very beginning. The intimacy was so juicy! Being real works!The whole evening was a breakthrough; a new way of showing up fully in the world as sexy, loving, flirty, in my body…a deeply flowing feminine energy. It was the best date of my life because I was more myself than I’ve ever been.

~Lori McDaniel, Oakland, California


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“I was always this radiant, effervescent, sparkly woman, I’d just lost her somewhere along the way.” 

“I spent the last few years feeling completely dissatisfied with the guys I met. They were uninspiring. And I kept getting stuck in the “friend zone!” It hurt so much because what I really I wanted was someone to love me. Through AWE I started seeing that I was holding back around men!. I wasn’t sharing my vulnerability, my sensuality, my quirks – all the things that make me unique. As I bring more of me to men they can’t get enough. I am now dating men who are emotionally available, who care deeply and are powerful! I’ve grown in so many ways I don’t really recognize the person I used to be. But what’s funny is that I’m still that same person, without all the judgments, fear and everything else that was getting in the way. I was always this radiant, effervescent, sparkly woman, I’d just lost her somewhere along the way. AWE helped me clear all that “stuff” away–stuff I didn’t really even know I was carrying around! My life has changed in a profound way, and AWE has influenced every aspect of it–at work, with my family, with friends, and with men. I recommend AWE without hesitation!”

~ Jenni, Attorney, Michigan

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“What I treasure most is that AWE has given me the tools to fall in love with myself!”

“After a particularly bad break up full of deception and lies I stopped believing in love. Then I met a man and it was love at first sight. I remember thinking “this is how it is supposed to be.” Nevertheless, 4 years later saw us going our separate ways. The years after that have been mostly full of being single, afraid of men and getting my heart broken when I really opened up again. I’m a smart woman, self-aware, willing to own up to my own baggage, always looking inside and growing. But still, love continued to elude me. I began to see that I had a pattern of being attracted to unavailable men and totally repelled by available loving men. This was a pattern I tried hard to change, by giving it my all to one of those “loving” men. I just couldn’t make it work. Since AWE I have a clearer sense of boundaries and a stronger sense of self. I am learning to meet men with curiosity instead of fear. I am learning to hold fast to the belief that I am worth it, worth a man who is sensitive and kind and who adores me. I am learning how to communicate how I feel instead of what I think the other person wants to hear. In short, I am learning to be and love myself. The results are profound. I am gaining amazing friendships with men that I never had and learning to be around men in my body with a sense of peace and self. I can see, in their eyes, that I am glowing because of it. I no longer have this internal vision of myself hunched over, ugly and undesirable. I walk tall, my hips swing freely and my smile says “yes, I know I’m beautiful because I FEEL beautiful.” While I treasure all I have learned in this course about how to attract a man, what I treasure the most is that it has given me the tools to know how to fall in love with myself.”

~ Western, Creative Consultant, Bay Area CA


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 “I met a wonderful man…we’re having a fabulous time!”

“After many years of being single, I got involved with AWE and had a powerful, intense, deep and FUN experience. The tools I learned helped me begin to open up and become more expressive. I have since met a wonderful man and we are having a fabulous time! I am convinced it would never have happened had I not participated in AWE. The work has also transformed my other relationships—with friends, family and business colleagues. I am so grateful!”

~Angela Palermo, Corporate Real Estate Consultant San Francisco, California

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“I feel so in love with myself right now!”

“My experience with AWE has been amazing. I’ve realized what a profound difference it makes in my life if I make everything **EVERYTHING** I do an act of loving myself. Making my coffee, washing my hair, cleaning my apartment, treating my patients, reading a book, swimming laps, shopping for underwear, enjoying my friends, loving a man — all of it.

I feel so in love with myself right now! “Thank you” doesn’t seem meaningful enough a phrase for what you’ve given me. I think “bless you” is more in line with what you deserve.”

~ Leigh, Physical Therapist, San Francisco, California


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“I saw huge changes in me and all the other women. I felt stronger and freer, trusting and valuing myself…”

“Alexis and Shana are doing PHENOMENAL work. As an experienced psychotherapist, I am astounded by how quickly and effectively they help participants break through blocks and change old patterns.

I really appreciate the balance of wisdom, intelligence, and emotional sensitivity they bring. I felt deeply seen and appreciated, at the same time as they called me out on ways I was unconsciously selling myself short. I saw huge changes in me and all the other women. I left feeling stronger and freer, trusting and valuing myself and others more; the impact on my relationships has been profound.

~Laura W, Psychotherapist, San Francisco, California

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